New Song: Kerli, 'The Lucky Ones'

Kerli continues her "Bubblegoth" reign with "The Lucky Ones."

Kerli's best known for combining pop, dance, elements of goth, and electronic music, and we're pleased to say that her latest track, "The Lucky Ones," is no different, adding yet another irresistible song to her "Bubblegoth" genre. But before we press on in relishing in the Estonian songstress' newest masterpiece, we'll give you Moonchildren a moment to put on your most Harajuku/Lolita/Goth outfit to spin around in while you listen. (Sorry. Can you tell I'm just a little bit obsessed?) Ready?

Listen to Kerli's "The Lucky Ones" after the jump.

"The Lucky Ones" takes a page out of Kerli's underground anthem "Zero Gravity" book, charging forward with pumping electro dance synths and trance-like beats. But while the high-octane vibe may be out of this world, Kerli's heartfelt lyrics bring the song down to Earth: "And when the world is crumbling down/ I can make it better/ When you're lost, need to be found/ I will look forever." Kerli has said that her next album, Utopia (dropping in 2013), would celebrate life's light and dark sides, but if all the tracks are as danceable as this one, we're not sure exactly how "dark" her world's going to get. Nonetheless, we can't wait to properly celebrate all of Kerli's sides by hitting the dance floor dressed in our most killer Hello Kitty outfit... you know, if Hello Kitty shopped in Lady Gaga's closet and had moon marks on her face.

+ Listen to Kerli's new song, "The Lucky Ones."

Photo credit: Kerli's Facebook