Listen To A Preview Of The Backstreet Boys' New Christmas Song, 'It's Christmas Time Again'

Listen to the Backstreet Boys' brand-new Christmas song, "It's Christmas Time Again."

MERRY EVERYTHING! The power should be coming back on in Manhattan soon, AND the Backstreet Boys are releasing a brand-new Christmas song. Things are looking UP!

As you might recall, the Backstreet Boys are back (yes, "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" pun intended, obviously) and not only are they planning a brand-new album for 2013, but they've released a new Christmas song to tide us over while we wait! As a well-polished pop record, we wouldn't say that "It's Christmas Time Again" is breaking any Xmas song boundaries, but it's a cute, jangly, festive holiday jam that definitely gets the job done. And there are lots of Christmas bells!

Listen to a preview of the Backstreet Boys' "It's Christmas Time Again" after the jump.

Naturally, BSB seem pretty pumped about their holiday track, posting the preview on their website along with the message: “It’s officially November, and the holiday season is coming soon! We want to give you the first gift of the season.” You can hear the preview below and grab the full single on iTunes starting Nov. 6." Unfortunately, we've only got a 30-second preview to share with you, but it's just short enough to keep us from freaking out, and it's just long enough for us to whip out our Xmas sweaters and decorate the tree with Backstreet Boys-themed ornaments. Or in my case, it's actually a Hanukkah bush, but who's counting?

Listen to a preview of the Backstreet Boys' "It's Christmas Time Again."