Miley Cyrus' Porn Star Cake Video Is So Tasty It Should've Been Called 'Nom' (VIDEO)

Bogore and Miley Cyrus have a cake fight in their new "Decisions" music video.

Remember that time we freaked and basically hit pause on our whole life to process the fact that Miley Cyrus lent her vocals to Borgore's dubstep track, "Decisions?!" Now we're devoting the entire month of November to Miley, because she's actually in the Israeli DJ's "Decisions" video. And if seeing Miley headbang with her short blonde 'do isn't enough, there's even an EPICALLY messy cake fight scene. We haven't seen pop stars having so much fun getting messy since Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" video. And we'd like to go on record and state that we're glad someone's taken our love for cake and elevated it to an art form. Also, we hope that cake's gluten-free.

Watch Borgore and Miley Cyrus in the video for "Decisions" after the jump!

Borgore's video tells a story of a guy just hanging around Hollywood while singing about not sharing his cake (it's a metaphor, guys!). But just in case you don't get the lyrics, Borgore makes cake-sharing a firm reality when he shows up to some sort of underground party where people are breakdancing, near-naked porn star Jessie Andrews is having a blast and where Miley Cyrus is making some guy wearing a horse head mask (Fun fact: It's Miley's fiance Liam Hemsworth under there!). Then, Borgore starts throwing cake! We've been to our fair share of parties that have busted out in full-fledged food fight (we haven't really, but didn't we sound really edgy for a second?), but nothing looks more fun than the fun Miley and Borgore are having in this video with frosting smashed on their faces. We're just kinda glad it wasn't one of those penis cakes Miley is fond of.

+ Watch Miley Cyrus in Borgore's "Decisions" video.

Photo credit: @Borgore

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