New Song: Never Shout Never, 'Hazel Eyez'

Listen to Never Shout Never's brand-new jam, "Hazel Eyez."

We've been spending a ton of time with emo-pop outfit Never Shout Never lately. Can you blame us? In addition to Christofer Drew Ingle's FANTASTIC haircut (please divulge to us which volumizing products you use, thanks), their sunshiny single "Magic" was ridiculously hard to resist (because were they talking about ladies they love or literal magic? Hint: The answer lies in "Magic"'s music video.) Anyway, while we sit here and dream away the hours till NSN's new album Indigo drops (it's officially here on Nov. 16), we'll spend some time with their brand-new track, "Hazel Eyez."

Listen to Never Shout Never's "Hazel Eyez" after the jump.

As the second single off of Indigo, "Hazel Eyez" is another charming song that is defined by its lush production, piano-tinged beats, and of course, Christofer's able-bodied vocals. The track builds up in three phases, the first of which includes soft guitar picks and pastoral harmonies (think: Fleet Foxes -- we know, right?). The second phase kicks things up a notch by throwing in some percussion and strings, and the third amps up the drumbeat to a higher decibel before the song sails into in a drum, strings, and piano-layered crescendo. Christofer sings of taking your time and learning from your mistakes, words of wisdom we can all learn from, "Slow down, you’re moving way too fast/ Gracefully you fall landing on some broken glass/ You dug yourself a hole, you climbed your way back out/ Learning from the fall is what flying's all about." Ooooh...we think we may have found our next high school yearbook senior quote...oh right, it's a few years too late for that. Well, maybe a tattoo? (Heck, it's probably already inscribed on one of Christofer's tat sleeves!)

Listen to Never Shout Never's "Hazel Eyez."

Photo credit: Warner Brothers