Video Premiere: Snoop Lion, 'La La La'

Snoop's first (non-Hot Pocket) video as Snoop Lion is finally out.

Whether you call him Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion (as he prefers to be called now), some things about the hip-hop legend haven't changed. In his latest clip for "La La La," Snoop continues to engage in one of his favorite, uh, pastimes *cough cough*, dances with robots and children, and wears a lion's head and cape that reminds us a lot of Blake's bear suit from "Workaholics." Something tells me those dudes should hang out.

Watch Snoop Lion's "La La La" video after the jump.

The clip starts in the most adorable way possible, with Snoop asking some little girls if they prefer the name "Snoop Dog" or "Snoop Lion." Then they ask him if he knows Katy Perry or Jennifer Lopez, natch. The video moves forward with frequent swishes of animated Jamaican flag colors, while Snoop chills on a throne with a gaggle of costumed ladies and kids dancing their way around him. It's also worth noting that Snoop gets into a makeshift stage coffin and emerges with a cloud of smoke at his back (as though he were in a van, geddit??). Even if the music sounds a little different (definitely more reggae than we're used to hearing, but given Snoop's career, he can officially do anything), he's clearly still the same ol' Snoop. What's that they always say? Old habits die hard.

Photo credit: Doggystyle/Priority/Snoop Dogg