Katy Perry Dresses As Jane Lane From 'Daria' For Halloween, La La La La La (PHOTO)

You're standing on Katy Perry's neck.

We might need to write this entire post in a sarcastic tone, because we feel that's what Katy Perry's Halloween costume would want. After scrolling through what feels like a metric ton of celebrity Halloween costumes ("Kimye" as a sailor who loves a mermaid, Miley Cyrus dressed as Nicki Minaj, Jessica Simpson and her chicken baby, Mariah and her family as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, etc), we can all go home now, because Katy Perry has stolen the show with her "Daria"-themed Jane Lane outfit.

Dressed to the nineties nines in a very Jane Lane-esque wig and a just-right red blazer (we think the Fashion Club would approve), Katy tweeted a picture along with the caption, "@shannonwoodward You're like my... best friend." (That's actress Shannon Woodward standing next to Katy in a veryyy convincing Daria costume, and she seriously needs to tell me where she got it so I can steal it for next year.) So, what I want to know now is, shouldn't John Mayer be there in a "Trent" costume, or something?? Well, maybe that'd be weird since Trent is technically Jane's brother. Though John would also make a good "Tom," doncha think? Except that on the show Tom eventually becomes Daria's boyfriend...ah, I give up.

Photo credit: @katyperry

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