Ashlee Simpson Releases New Song, 'Bat For A Heart,' And It's Gotta Be About Pete Wentz

Ashlee Simpson's new song has GOT to be about Pete Wentz.

Instead of distributing candy on Halloween night, Ashlee Simpson doled out a preview of her brand-new song, "Bat For A Heart." And yeah, we know it's not exactly edible, but trust us, it'll last way longer and has fewer calories than a Snickers bar. Also, Ashlee's BACK! We missed you, Ashlee!

Listen to Ashlee Simpson's "Bat For A Heart" after the jump.

Ashlee's new song is, how shall we say, a tad different from her previous tracks. Instead of the polished pop vibe seen in songs like "Invisible," Ashlee's opted for a minimalist, edgier approach that reminds us of her "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" phase. (It also reminds us a lot of Sky Ferreira's trademark brooding in "Everything Is Embarrassing.") In short, we're basically positive that this is her "I'm still really pissed at you, Pete Wentz" song and here's how we know it: Pete's Clandestine Industries logo features, you guessed it, a bat with a heart in the middle of it. Coincidence? Sure. Is it? You and I both know that it's not. While the full video won't be out unil Nov. 21, the teaser has Ashlee's distressed mood on full view, so we can only imagine the kind of Pete-directed rage that will go down in the full clip. Might wanna prepare yourself, Wentz.

+ Listen to Ashlee Simpson's "Bat For A Heart" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Ashlee Simpson