Star Spotting: See The Evolution Of Kanye West Apologizing To A Paparazzo (PHOTOS)

Kanye West is in apology mode! 

Sure, celebs get pissed when paparazzi take pictures of them -- it's part of the food chain of fame, and both parties just have to deal with it. Celebrities also yell/scream/push away paps who get too close for comfort and unfortch, that's exactly what happened when Kanye West encountered videographer Logan Fazio a few weeks back. However, according to some new photos, Yeezy's a changed man! Perhaps it's a result of his lovey-dovey relationship with Kim Kardashian, or maybe he's just working out more? (They say endorphins are organic, non-habit-forming happy pills.) Upon his second meeting with Logan at Miami International Airport, Kanye stopped to -- prepare yourselves for this one y'all -- apologize to her. And they HUGGED! As in, engaged in a full-on embrace.

See more of Kanye West making up with a paparazzo after the jump.

If you examine the photos closely, you'll find that there was a clear evolution of events, starting with Kanye first recognizing Logan, to him beckoning her over, and finally, to them totally having a moment! And did we mention the other half of "Kimye," who was dutifully on call to pick up her man from the airport and witnessed the whole thing go down? We've got a hunch that Kim was impressed by her man's humility and will probably find a way to reward him later on. Say, around nighttime? And yep, definitely read between the lines on that one.

"Wait, is that you?? Come here!"

"I'm so sorry, bb!"

"Do I get extra points for being nice today, honey?"

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News