Blackbear's 'Sex The Mixtape' Features Collabs With Mike Posner, T. Mills, And Other Really Famous People

Don't sleep on Blackbear's "Sex The Mixtape," guys!

You might remember Blackbear from when we first buzzed about him way back when. You might also remember that along with Mike Posner, the artist formerly known as Mat Musto cowrote Justin Bieber's smash hit "Boyfriend" (for which we'd like to issue a HEARTY, HEARTFELT THANK YOU!!). Either way, we haven't forgetten this kid. And how could we? When he's not penning smash hits for The Biebs, Blackbear’s a solo artist on the come-up, working on collabos with Ne-YoRivers CuomoPharrell WilliamsBei Maejor, and Machine Gun Kelly under his snapback. And guess what else? The "Teenage Waste" singer has invited a slew of other famous peeps to make cameos on his brand-new mixtape, the aptly titled Sex The Mixtape.

Download Blackbear's Sex The Mixtape after the jump.

So, who's hanging out with Blackbear on Sex The Mixtape? “Blame Them,” one of our favorite tracks off the tape, features the lush, piano-laden, R&B-meets-dub-step stylings of James Blake, then there's "Anyone But Me," a grimy, moody, pop-tinged jam that features a vocal assist from Mike Posner. Or perhaps you're really into hip-hop, in which case you should lean in real close and comfy-like to Blackbear's T. Mills-assisted "Marilyn Monroe," a record that, by the way, could tooootally pass for one of Usher's so-called panty-droppers slow jams. And these are just a few of our picks (this blog has a word limit, and I've got a Pilates sesh to get to), so be sure to cop a free download of Sex The Mixtape to get closely acquainted with the entire track list.

+ Download Blackbear's Sex The Mixtape for free and watch his “Teenage Waste” video.

Photo credit: Blackbear