New Video: Mya Featuring Spice, 'Take Him Out'

Mya and Spice clean up the trash (literally and figuratively) in "Take Him Out."

It's been so long since we've seen/heard our beloved Mya, that we don't even care what she decides to sing next. She could belt out the National Anthem and The Birthday Song at the same time and we'd still be overjoyed to hear her voice. And now after allllll that waiting, our Mya-related prayers have finally been answered in the form of a brand-new video for "Take Him Out," featuring reggae songstress Spice. We'll just say it again for the record: We missed you, bb!

Watch Mya's "Take Him Out" video featuring Spice after the jump.

Although we'll always be a tad partial to "Case Of The Ex" and "Fallen," we gotta admit that this COLORFUL video is holding its own just fine (Mya wearing green lipstick certainly doesn't hurt). Set to a Sean Kingston-esque pop island beat, Mya and her pal Spice are in bikinis and posing as sexy sanitation workers (er...OK) while Mya cleans up after her no-good man, then cleans a few more things up with a garbage truck. Yeah, it's a tough life. Again, we're completely thrilled that you're back, Mya! Just a little more "Case Of The Ex" (and a little less garbage lady) next time. But don't ever forget we love you!

+ Watch Mya's "Take Him Out" video featuring Spice.

Photo credit: Planet 9