Star Spotting: One Direction's Niall Horan Rocks Head-To-Toe Sweats And Nails It (PHOTO)

A head-to-toe sweatsuit is no match for Niall Horan's hotness.

One Direction might be the most successful boy band on the planet, but let's not forget that the dudes each have their own identities outside the group! (Not to mention magazine covers and cover art images, but that's for another time.) What we mean to say is, while 1D's Liam Payne wows crowds with magic tricks and Louis Tomlinson is out playing soccer, Niall Horan is goofing off in front of presidential wax figures and most important, rocking a full sweat suit and nailing it. We admire your chutzpah, baby!

We've always wondered why more celebrities (minus Katy Perry) didn't kick it in head-to-toe sweat gear (it's comfy, durable, and you've already proven that you're worthy of fame, so who cares what the eff you wear??), yet most famous peeps tend to shy away from any clothes with even a vague fuzzy lining. But not Niall! Nope, dude was caught in head-to-toe snuggle gear as he headed to a meeting with the rest of his 1D bros. Super bold move, Mr. Horan. We hope more celebrities adopt your totally casual attitude, and learn to rock out some sweats every now and again. We know deep down they really wanna!

Photo credit: Splash News