New Video: Sky Ferreira, 'Sad Dream'

Sky Ferreira dreams of romance in "Sad Dream."

Hey, remember that line in "Mean Girls," "I just have a lot of feelings"? Well, so does Sky Ferreira. Actually, the platinum-haired singer has been brooding all over the place lately, first reviving the '80s smooth jam with "Everything is Embarrassing," teaming up with Garbage's Shirley Manson on "Red Lips," and now, going dusty -- or Dusty Springfield -- on "Sad Dream."

Watch Sky Ferreira's "Sad Dream" video after the jump.

The forlorn track finds Ferreira showcasing a husky country croon over twinkling acoustic guitars -- a chameleon shift as effectively colorful as the Prince-style diva-isms on "Everything is Embarrassing." Like Lana Del Rey's recent "Ride," the video's a voyage through the American West -- but after a drive through the desert in a weathered pickup truck, Ferreira's man leaves her at home, at a gas station, wherever he can, after making her an accomplice in some minor shoplifting and showing her a gun. (But at least he doesn't leave her in a Kmart, à la Natalie Portman in "Where The Heart Is," right?) He's no Walter White, though. As (breaking) bad as it is, the split at least looks dreamy, backed by rolling hills, lonesome trees, and faded Instagram-esque cinematography.

Sky Ferreira's "Ghost" EP has been spooking up fans since its release last month -- we're just scared you haven't heard it yet! Make that happen before Halloween, guys. We're going as a cactus.

+ Watch Sky Ferreira's "Sad Dream" video.

Photo credit: Capitol Records