Usher's The Proud Owner Of A $12,000 Goldendoodle (PHOTO)

What's a Goldendoodle? It's a really expensive puppy.

Guys! Usher got himself a Goldendoodle! Right, so what the eff is a Goldendoodle, you ask? After consulting The All-Knowing Internet, we learned that a Goldendoodle is a cross-breed dog that comes from breeding a golden retriever with a poodle. Woah, cool! And CUTE! And now Usher has one!

See more photos of Usher and his adorable Goldendoodle after the jump.

The "Numb" singer hit up the Pencils Of Promise Gala last night in New York (that's a charity founded by Adam Braun, brother of Scooter Braun, aka Justin Bieber's manager!), where he reportedly got into a minor bidding war for the prized Goldendoodle. Rumor has it that former "Gossip Girl" star Jessica Szhor almost beat Usher out with a bid of $11,000, but Usher won out in the end with a bid of $12,000. Thankfully, all the dough raised at the benefit will go toward helping build schools in places like Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ghana. Way to support the cause, Usher. Now, go and enjoy your new pup and maybe name it mini ursh!

Photo credit: Getty Images