OMFG Kellan Lutz Is In Matchbox Twenty's New Video, And It's So Hot!

Matchbox Twenty's new video for "Put Your Hands Up" is pretty steamy... and Kellan Lutz is in it!

Remember that time you went to this underground club, danced all up on a bunch of supermodels, and then made out with A GLISTENING KELLAN LUTZ? No? Well, luckily Matchbox Twenty's new video for "Put Your Hands Up" paints a perfect picture of what it would be like if this TOTAL DREAM SCENARIO came true. And did we mention Kellan Lutz is in the video? It's worth repeating.

Watch Matchbox Twenty's video for "Put Your Hands Up" after the jump!

Unlike the feisty girl who threw records at the band in "She's So Mean," the leading lady of "Put Your Hands Up"' (Australian model Sharni Vinson) is just looking for a good time at the club. While some VERY attractive club-goers dance, drink, and sweat all over each other, BAM! -- there's Kellan Lutz chilling with some friends like NBD and officially making eyes at Sharni Vinson. Annnd that's pretty much when the rest of the video turns into one of the best make-out scenes EVER recorded on camera. We're kinda wondering if this is a bid from Kellan for a starring role in "Magic Mike 2?" Because we totally think that should happen.

+ Watch Matchbox Twenty's "Put Your Hands Up" video, FEATURING KELLAN LUTZ IN CASE WE FORGOT TO MENTION THAT!


Photo Credit: Atlantic Records