New Video: Pitbull Featuring TJR, 'Don't Stop The Party'

Pitbull throws a rager and only invites (nearly) naked chicks. But what else is new?!

We have to give props to Pitbull for a minute. At least the dude is consistent! Because we're not sure if we've ever seen a Pitbull video without a giant rager, a mansion, and and bevvy of scantily clad ladies ("Get It Started"). But guess what? We don't blame him! And guess what else? Mr. 305's brand-new video "Don't Stop The Party" features, you guessed it, a giant rager, a mansion, and a bevvy of scantily clad ladies. Still not blaming him one bit.

Watch Pitbull's "Don't Stop the Party" video featuring TJR after the jump.

"Don't Stop the Party" is the third single off the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards performer's forthcoming Global Warming album, and the title of Pit's latest video basically says it all: NEVER STOP THE RAGER! And why should you, really, when you've got access to the biggest homes and the hottest chicks and you can take off work for weeks at a time because being a famous pop star is your job. Wish would let me apply for that.

+ Watch Pitbull's "Don't Stop The Party" video featuring TJR.

Photo credit: RCA Records