Star Spotting: Nicki Minaj Has Perfected The Eye Roll (PHOTO)

Who you throwing shade at, Nicki??

You and I both know that Nicki Minaj isn't afraid of a little confrontation (Mariah Carey knows what I'm talking about). But we had absolutely no idea that Nicki Minaj had, quite literallyperfected the IDGAF eye roll. Maybe you'll remember from your angstier days that the eye roll is a difficult yet effective move letting the recipient know that the conversation is effectively over. It's a quiet and subtle way to throw tons of shade, and Nicki Minaj has a black belt in it!

Nicki (and her eye roll) were snapped yesterday while onstage at the famed Liverpool Echo Arena. Naturally, Nicki nailed her performance, but we're wondering -- what exactly prompted this rolling of the eyes? Was it a rogue fan? Or perhaps her vaguely AGGRO alter ego Roman took over and inhabited her body momentarily? Or maybe Nicki was just continuing to embrace an IDGAF, boss-status lifestyle. Probably that last one.

Photo credit: WENN