Song Premiere: Fort Lean, 'All The Lights'

Listen to Fort Lean's brand-new jam, "All The Lights."

You might remember the too-cool-for-school Brooklyn-based rockers Fort Lean from way back when we buzzed about them. You might also recall that you totally loved them! Or maybe their song "Sunsick" rings a bell? No? Yes? YES! Good! Because we've got the premiere (hair flip!) of Fort Lean's brand-new song, "All The Lights." And no, it's not an angsty rock tribute to Rihanna and Kanye's jam, in case you were curious. (Maybe a cool idea for another time.)

Listen to Fort Lean's "All The Lights" after the jump.

Slated to appear on Fort Lean's forthcoming Change Your Name EP, "All The Lights" is a bouncy yet wistfully melodic jam that leans back into the hazy glory days of '70s Southern rock and flourishes under lead singer Keenan Mitchell's vocals as he sings: "When all the lights come on at once/ Wanna be there to see 'em." Not to sound like a creeper, but we kinda wanna be there too. Get into it before the EP drops Nov. 13 (at which point we'll continue to gush over them incessantly, so at least this way you're ready.)

Listen to Fort Lean's "All The Lights."

Photo credit: Fort Lean