Video Premiere: Set It Off, 'Swan Song'

Watch Set It Off's spooky new "Swan Song" video.

Not to sound all "Walking Dead" or anything, but HOLY S***! Halloween is coming!  And apparently, the spectacularly theatrical Tampa pop-punk outfit Set It Off have had Halloween marked on their calendar probably since October of last year, judging by their "Nightmare Before Christmas"-ish video for "Swan Song." The latest single from their Cinematics album (which sounds no less obsessed with spine-tingling imagery... see such shrill numbers as "Nightmare" and the strings-saturated "Freak Show"), Set It Off's "Swan Song"'s video, directed by Rasa Acharya and Dan Kennedy, revels in haunted house spookery.

Watch Set It Off's "Swan Song" video after the jump.

Designed to look like a Tim Burton-esque circus (yeah, we know... there's a circus IN the haunted house... but also, why not?), the set is filled with ghoulish goodies like a carousel (a scary-go-round?). The clip starts off with two teenage girls -- one blonde, one brunette -- standing in a haunted cave (where are the "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" kids when you need them?!), and one of them looks a whole lot happier to be going in than the other. Once in, Blonde runs amok, blends in, and looks perfectly at home amid the scary scenery. Her brunette friend, on the other hand, looks dubious, and then basically TERRIFIED of her environs as Set It Off sets the house on fire while lead singer Cody Carson takes the lead as the video's ringmaster. (Is this SIO's way of telling us that blondes have more fun?)

When they're not prepping for Halloween, Set It Off Along recently wrapped up a tour with There For Tomorrow and will soon embark on a headlining tour with Sparks The Rescue before heading overseas to be direct support for Yellowcard in the U.K. and Europe. Sure hope they celebrate Halloween in Europe! Feels like Halloween's kind of a year-round kinda thing with this crew.

+ Watch Set It Off's "Swan Song" video, and check out behind-the-scenes photos from the video set.

Photo credit: Gage Young