Star Spotting: Louis Tomlinson Scores Major Hotness Points On The Soccer Field (PHOTO)

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson effortlessly rocks cleats at England's Keepmoat Stadium.

Football. Soccer. We don't care what you call it as long as you properly acknowledge how DAYUM FOINE One Direction's Louis Tomlinson looks while playing the game. And just to be sure we're all up on the Brit's stats: not only does Louis rock on the stage and on the field, the guy also has the magical ability to make shin guards look sexy. SCORRRRRRE!

Check out more of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson playing soccer after the jump!

Louis Tomlinson scores on the stage and on the football pitch! (That's what they call it, guys.)

When the "Live While We're Young" singer isn't recording a new album with the rest of 1D, he's kicking goals in football (let's be fair, that is what they call this sport across the pond) at Keepmoat Stadium while the rest of the band cheers him on from the sidelines. Who knew boy band members were so productive in their free time? Recently we saw Niall Horan playing president while on a break from recording, and now here's Louis playing in a serious sport league. Such diverse hobbies, these guys.

We really can't think of a better way for boy band members to stay in shape than running back and forth while thousands of fans and your best blokes cheer you on. Welll... actually, we can. It's called the "drooling over anything One Direction" workout. Basically, we look at whatever we can get our hands on -- soda commercials, wet T-shirts moments, album covers -- and it gets our hearts racing faster than 30 minutes on the elliptical ever could.

Photo credit: Splash News