New Video: fun., 'Carry On'

fun. paint the town (NYC) red in "Carry On."

When a band gets as famous as fun., we might be quick to assume that they're livin' the fabulous life -- you know, lots of $300 bottles of champagne, chicks wildin' on tour buses, stacks on stacks of Hermes boxes just laying around hotel rooms, and of course, cash. But you know what? The "We Are Young" singers really are just regular dudes at heart (and not just the rock star projections we envision). And their new "Carry On" video, from their Some Nights breakthrough, reminds us of their everyday-ness as we see them transition from partying in New York like regular dudes (regular dudes with really good taste) to playing a sold-out show.

Watch fun.'s "Carry On" video after the jump.

Split between a raucous performance and a wild night out, fun.'s "Carry On" video celebrates the track's never-say-die spirit. The clip is filled with rounds of drinks, late-night meals, huge barroom sing-alongs, and the inevitable breaking of dawn. These guys are clearly having the kind of night you'll tell stories about over and over again and later refer to, nostalgically as "that one night." There are no fancy, super-exclusive clubs or VIP list parties. Just a regular (well, fuzzy) night out with solid bros. We totally feel the band on that. Yes, they've sold a bajillion records, but they're still JUST LIKE US. (Except they sell out shows. And one of them dates Lena Dunham.)

+ Watch fun.'s "Carry On" video, and go behind the scenes on the set of "Carry On."

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen