New Video: Taylor Swift, 'Begin Again'

Taylor Swift falls in love with Paris and a hot French dude in her "Begin Again" video. 

It's Taylor Swift-palooza this week, guys! As if it weren't enough that Taylor's brand-new album, Red, just came out (and P.S. we're gonna quiz you on these Red factoids later, so get your flash cards ready), she's finally released the stunning, Parisian-themed, makes-you-so-jealous-you're-gonna-freak-out video for "Begin Again." Oh, and Taylor also found the time to express a vast range of emotions on "Good Morning America" and has inspired us to create a collection of pictures where she's wearing red to every music industry event ever. Seriously, she's not tired? I'm confused.

Watch Taylor Swift's "Begin Again" video after the jump.

We already knew Taylor's "Begin Again" video would show her eating delicious-looking French pastries and flirting with a hot Frenchman, but that doesn't mean we weren't in a total state of awe after watching the video. As we suspected, "Begin Again" is a love story set in Paris (as all love stories should be, DUH). Taylor sits alone in a French café when she's spotted by an obscenely hot French dude sitting with friends at a nearby table. Basically, the video plays out like a much less awkward version of "Amélie"/our wildest fantasies. Said hot French guy goes up to Taylor, strikes up a conversation, and the rest is, how do zey say in French... l'histoire! (That's "history" in French! Keep up.)

Taylor explained that the video's "gonna be, like, a love letter to Paris. 'Cause it's just the city and this story line of somebody moving on and finding yourself again." Riiiiight, so if "finding yourself" actually means "finding a stunning hot French man to love you forever," then we think we're sold. That's everyone's dream vacation, right there. ::Pulls up Travelocity/Kayak/Expedia/Calls travel agent::

+ Watch Taylor Swift's "Begin Again" video.