Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Hangs With His 'Glamily' (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert shows off his "glamily." We want in on this family tree SO bad.

While most of my family photos usually involve matching polos and khakis (very true story), Adam Lambert's "glamily" (that's wordplay on glam and family, guys!) has matching eyeliner and so much incredible style that it's like, KILLING US to not be part of this family tree! BRB, triple checking my genealogy in hopes to find at least a little glam in my roots.

The "Trespassing" singer shared his family photo on Twitter with the caption "Glamily Band." We know that this isn't his IRL family (they're Adam's touring bandmates), but we just like to pretend how AH-MAZING it would be to be invited to a family reunion that looked exactly like this: so much platinum blond hair galore, smokey eyes, ON POINT rock star style, and even the possibility of impromptu acoustic performances of "Never Close Our Eyes!!!" Annnd it's official: I'm going on an everlasting quest to find a real-life unicorn for the singer to ride in hopes of bribing Adam into adopting me -- GLAMBERTS, you with me?!

Photo credit: @adamlambert