Rihanna Has Breakfast In Bed... Kinda (PHOTO)

Rihanna's morning routine is not part of this complete breakfast.

While your idea of a rock star breakfast may include a Pop-Tart and Red Bull, Rihanna's breakfast is... well, not part of the four food groups. But there's no judgment here, guys! We're just content knowing that Rihanna's an advocate for the most important meal of the day (though we highly advise not following Ri's nutritional advice).

The "Diamonds" singer tweeted a photo of her enjoying a little morning pick-me-up along with the caption "Breakfast in bed." While we tend to have a passionate no eating (orrr in this case smoking) in bed policy (go ahead, call us OCD), Ri's "IDGAF if I drop some ashes on what are probably a gazillion thread count bed sheets" philosophy on life just proves even more how BADASS she is. We're talking about a woman who repeatedly bares it all in photos, blows things up like a boss, and even named her forthcoming album Unapologetic -- don't feel bad about ish! The one thing she should kinda feel sorry about is rubbing in our faces just how FOINE she looks waking up with bed head -- it's not fair.

Photo credit: @rihanna