Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Have A Couples' Moment With Nelly And Ashanti (PHOTO)

Kim and Kanye get totally couple-y with Nelly and Ashanti!

By now it's no surprise we're a little obsessed with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (aka Kimye, duh). We've already basically stalked Kimye while they had a PDA-blackout at Jay-Z's Made In America Festivalcostarred in VMA promo spotszip-lined through the jungle, and SNUGGLEDso one might think that a regular ol' photo of the couple posing at a charity event wouldn't be as thrilling. But nope! Just the sight of these two in the same frame makes us giddy.

Kimye attended last night’s star-studded annual Angel Ball in New York, and in between watching event performers Natalie Cole, Smokey Robinson, Nelly, and DJ Cassidy, Kim and Kanye found time to pose with another power couple: Nelly and Ashanti. And there's absolutely no doubt -- Kim, Kanye, Ashanti, and Nelly definitely make a gorgeous power-couple foursome (power couple squared?), but we can't lie to you! Nothing in this world will ever compare to that one time Kim and Kanye hung out with Jay-Z + Beyoncé, otherwise known as the King and Queen of utter perfection. But hey, Ashanti and Nelly (Nelshanti?) should feel proud about coming in at a very respectable second place! In fact, I wonder if maybe a group mini-golf outing wouldn't be a cute double-date activity? Eh, they'll prolly just opt to use the private jet and have a couples spa weekend in Vegas or something.

Photo credit: Theo Wargo/WireImage