13 New Things We've Learned About Taylor Swift From Her 'Red' Album!

Please enjoy these 13 INCREDIBLY crucial facts you need to know about Taylor Swift's new album "Red."

We've been saying the phrase "Taylor Swift's forthcoming Red album" for what feels like four score years or whatever, but that all stops today! Taylor's brand-new album, Red is finally here! As in "out," "for sale," "available for public consumption," and "ready to play at your all-day Taylor-only-themed listening party"! Because we know you're throwing one of those this weekend. Or maybe that's just me? (P.S. You're all invited!)

After listening to Red in its entirety, it's clear that the record is definitely Taylor's bravest and most divergent musical endeavor yet. So, in celebration of her evolution, please enjoy 13 things we've learned about Taylor's new album and this new-found epoch we're officially calling "the Red era." Also, if you have to ask why we chose the number thirteen, then you're not as Taylor-informed as we thought you were and probably need this list more than we do:

1.) Taylor went dubstep on "I Knew You Were Trouble.": Country cutie no more! Taylor's goes totally Skrillex on us (OK, well, maybe Skrillex-lite) on her dubstep-tinged banger and ends up falling for the bad boy.

2.) Taylor duetted with Ed Sheeran: We already knew Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift were besties, and now there's musical proof courtesy of their romantic duet, "Everything Has Changed."

3.) Taylor worked with super-producers Max Martin and Shellbeck: You might have noticed that Taylor swapped some her country-cute twang for some full-on arena-ready pop sounds (ee: "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together), and we've got mega-producers/songwriters Max Martin and Shellback to thank for it.

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4.) Taylor made made music history by netting her 50th song on the Billboard "Hot 100" list: Taylor's dubsteppy "I Knew You Were Trouble" catapulted her to the milestone.

5.) Taylor Swift REALLY loves cats: You already knew Taylor Swift loved cats (remember when she made a video and had a staring contest with her cat Meredith?) Just in case you still don't believe us, she totally admitted her feline adoration on "Good Morning America."

6.) Arcade Fire's Owen Pallett helped Taylor with Red:  Pallett is credited with "orchestral arrangements, conductor" for several songs on Taylor's album.

7.) Taylor fanatics believe that her song "All Too Well" is about Jake Gyllenhaal: This can't be proven of course, but Swifties (who also moonlight as detectives and close lyric readers, natch) have deduced that the line "[You] used to be a little kid with glasses/ On a twin-sized bed" refers to this stunning photo of Jake as a kid wearing, wait for it, glasses. Innocent until proven guilty of course, but we totally wanna believe this.

8.) Red helped Taylor achieve a longtime goal: Though it's hard to believe, the debut single off Red"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," marked Taylor's first #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

9.) The song "Starlight" was written for Ethel Kennedy: It's no secret that Taylor's a little obsessed with the Kennedy family (i.e. she's dating one), so it makes sense that she'd dedicate a song to one of her favorite clan members, Ethel, who also happens to be her beau's Grandma. Don't believe us? How about the fact that "FOR ETHEL" is written in Red's liner notes.

10.) Red clocks in at a whopping 65 minutes: In case you needed to know how many times you could listen to the album in one day.

11.) Taylor wrote or co-wrote every song on the album: As you probably guessed, Taylor had a hand in penning each and every song on her album, and even billed herself as "creative director" in the liner notes. #Ballermode

12.) Taylor loves Snow Patrol: Taylor's "The Last Time" features an assist by her pal and Snow Patrol lead vocalist, Gary Lightbody.

13.) Red is currently #1 on the iTunes chart: But did you really need us to tell you that? Duh.

Photo credit: Big Machine Records