Star Spotting: Niall Horan For President! (PHOTO)

1D's Niall Horan looks totally at ease in the (wax) Oval Office.

At this point we know how much the boys of One Direction like posing with...figures. (Remember when Louis Tomlinson posed with their fake pigeon named Kevin?) Well, it wasn't a fake bird, but Niall Horan recently got his jokey posing game while on a break from recording and prepping for the band's upcoming tour. Funny...we always thought that sitting in the Oval Office would look more stressful! Maybe being UK-born gives Niall some political objectivity? Anyway...

Visiting London's famed wax figurine museum Madame Tussauds, Niall tweeted a photo with the caption "Life is full of difficult decisions...." The singer sat with his feet propped up on the Oval Office desk and holding a phone to his ear (#seriousface). We could be wrong, but we're pretty sure the Oval Office desk has got to be a little more cluttered with stacks of very, VERY important documents pertaining to VERY important things, but really Niall doesn't look too concerned about the state of the union -- maybe he's ordering a thing of Chinese food? Oh well -- you've still got our vote, Niall!

Photo credit: @1dagram