New Video: Nicki Minaj, 'Come On A Cone' (NSFW)

Nicki apparently knows every celeb in the business in her docu-style "Come On A Cone" clip.

Before Nicki Minaj was all over our TVs on "American Idol" (and allegedly... probably) feuding with pop megastars, she captured our hearts and minds with her BRILLZ rhyming skills. In her latest clip for "Come On A Cone," the latest from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, we see Nicki in her most natural element doing what she does best: spitting hot rhymes with her crew behind her (READ: This song has nothing to do with ice cream cones). Did we mention that her crew is like nearly every famous friend (named Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame) you can think of?! Yeah, Nicki DEF rolls deep.

Watch Nicki Minaj's "Come On A Cone" video after the jump.

In the docu-style video (but actually for real this time... we're lookin' at you, Justin), we follow Nicki on her VERY busy schedule, but she still makes the time to rap like no one else does in the biz. "Pink Friday, two milli/ 'Super Bass,' triple plat/ When you see me on 'Ellen'/ just admit that I'm winnin'." Oh, we admit it, no doubts over here. Nicki even manages to throw some shade at her rivals over on "The Voice," as she steady rides for "A.I.": "7-Up went and gave my commercial to Cee Lo/ But don't tell them I said it, lets keep it on the D-low." WHOA. Let your blinds down, TOTAL SHADE ALERT. All beef aside, we're ecstatic to see Nicki put the pop music down a little and come back to hip-hop again. A healthy balance is always appreciated, Barbz.

+ Watch Nicki Minaj's "Come On A Cone" video (NSFW).

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