New Song: Sevyn Streeter, 'I Like It'

Meet Sevyn Streeter...and by the way, Chris Brown signed her.

Meet Sevyn Streeter: You may not know her face just yet, but trust -- you've definitely heard her tunes. An in-demand vocalist and songwriter, Sevyn has already worked with the likes of Brandy, Trey SongzChris Brown, and wait for it -- she cowrote Alicia Key's "New Day." It's serious, we know.

Listen to Sevyn Streeter's "I Like It" after the jump.

Now Sevyn's about to step out from the studio and into the spotlight (and incidentally, probably to the top of the charts as well.) She recently signed to Chris Brown's CBE label at Atlantic Records, and surprise surprise, her single "I Like It" is a hit! But that's what you would expect from a powerhouse songwriter, right? Right.

An uptempo, '90s-tinged R&B jam, "I Like It" showcases Sevyn's booming pipes (anyone else hearing a little bit of Monica mixed with a dash of Kelly Rowland?) as she sings about the ups and downs of loving her dude: "How you make me/ Can't nobody do that for me/ We go through some things but I can't stop loving you." #Rideordie. We're expecting big things from Sevyn, but on the off chance her artist career doesn't pan out (though we can pretty much guarantee it will), she can always go back to writing No. 1 hit songs. Either life path ain't too shabby.

Listen to Sevyn Streeter's "I Like It."

Photo credit:CBE/Atlantic Records