New Song: Sleeping With Sirens, 'Dead Walker Texas Ranger'

Sleeping With Sirens get serious about Halloween in their latest song, "Dead Walker Texas Ranger."

We think it's probably fair to say that Sleeping With Sirens are excited for Halloween. In the lightning-fast, speed-punk song, "Dead Walker Texas Range," SWS takes a gigantic leap in the opposite direction of their previous (and considerably more toned-down) single, "Roger Rabbit" -- in fact, the difference in tracks is so extreme that listening to each back-to-back practically elicits a laugh. But it's cool -- we were in need of an explosive Halloween jam...we were tired of listening to all that death metal "The Monster Mash," anyway.

Listen to Sleeping With Sirens' "Dead Walker Texas Ranger" after the jump.

Penned as an ode to Oct. 31 (and definitely every zombie movie ever), Sleeping With Sirens crash-bang and shriek their way through "Dead Walker" with some creeepeeeee lyrics: Don’t bother sleeping without one eye open wide/ there are creatures in the night to haunt you/ their arms are reaching out to hold you tight/ your demons come alive to chase you." Well, it sounds like these guys definitely love themselves some zombie movies. Or maybe they've been listening to some Roky Erickson ("Dead Walker" kiiinda sounds like the sequel to "I Walked With A Zombie," at least in theme). Suffice it to say, now we feel an odd urge to watch straight-to-cable Chuck Norris movies, look at Halloween outfit websites, and count down the days till Warped Tour.

+ Listen to Sleeping With Sirens' "Dead Walker Texas Ranger."

Photo credit: Rise Records