New Video: Girls Aloud, 'Something New'

Girls Aloud are a force to be reckoned with in their new video for "Something New."

It's been three long, hot summers, but the fabulous fivesome known as Girls Aloud have finally returned to us! In addition to their upcoming greatest hits album, Ten, to be released in November (which will include four brand-new songs, as well as a new tour in 2013 -- we are not worthy!!), the ladies have just released the sensational new video for their latest single, "Something New." And we are STILL not worthy.

Watch Girls Aloud's "Something New" video after the jump.

Shot by director Ray Kay (of Brit Brit's "Till The World Ends" fame, among many others), the mile-a-minute clip has the girls working it out in their signature sky-high stilettos, orange tulip minidresses, and high-fashion buns, and serving us their best couture poses -- that is, when they're not too busy busting out in giggles and prancing around with each other.

Complete with bursts of onscreen lyrics (just in case "Go girls, g-g-go, go, go!" went over your head), there's Chezza's ferocious footwork (and ample shoulder shimmies), Kimba's booty pops and drops, Nicola's dainty doll posing, Sarah's fiery brooding, and all of Queen Nadine's hysterical diva theatrics and endless hair whipping. And they all look absolutely, jaw-droppingly stunning!

But the best part of the video comes with watching the girls strut, turn, and pose in unison as the Almighty Aloud once again. They are, after all, the leaders of the pack. Can you handle that?

+ Watch Girls Aloud's "Something New" video.

Photo credit: Polydor