New Song: Ne-Yo, 'Forever Now'

Ne-Yo is moody in his new jam "Forever Now."

Ne-Yo's upcoming fifth album, R.E.D., may have the same name as Taylor Swift's new disc (and P.S. Ne-Yo is dropping Nov. 6!), but let us assure you: They sound absolutely nothing alike. We've already heard Ne-Yo's Wiz Khalifa-assisted jam "Don't Make Em Like You," as well as his bedtime-themed "Lazy Love," and now in his new track, "Forever Now," Ne-Yo's begging his chick not to leave him for another dude.

Listen to Ne-Yo's "Forever Now" after the jump. 

Though "Forever Now" is an uptempo club banger laden with synths, booming drums, and sparkling pop production, that doesn't mean Ne-Yo isn't singing about something totally sad! As opposed to watching him fend off women left and right, in "Forever Now," Ne-Yo begs his woman not to leave him for another dude: "What am I gonna do with forever now?/ I’ll live out my life forever following you." Ne-Yo! Sweetie, we totally get that you're sad an all, and OK, we'll give you approximately one week to wallow. But you're Ne-Yo. You and I both know you can totally bag someone way hotter than that other chick who left you. Chin up, bb.

+ Listen to Ne-Yo's "Forever Now."

Photo credit: Def Jam Records

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