Star Spotting: Britney Spears Is On The Campaign Trail For Her 'X Factor' Team (PHOTO)

Britney Spears wants YOU to root for her "X Factor" team.

Britney Spears wants YOU to root for her team on "The X Factor," and she's enlisting help from her sons! Smart, smart lady. If you don't watch "The X Factor" (big mistake, by the way), then we'll remind you that Britney has been mentoring the teen contestants and naturally, she wants one of her protégé's to take home the big prize.

Last night, Britney unveiled a photo of herself holding a poster her two sons made with the name (and hashtag!) of her "#BritneyTeens" "X Factor" team name. Aside from that being crazy adorable, since when do kids under the age of 12 know anything about hashtagging? Very savvy, lil' tots wouldn't you say? Britney was so pumped about her #BritneyTeens poster, that she decided to tweet about it to all her peeps: "Look what my boys made for me. Tweet me a pic of u with a #BritneyTeens sign from Instagram and I'll like my faves!" Oh, so not only is Britney using her sons as bait, but she's also offering fans the chance to win a coveted retweet by the queen (aka Britney) herself! We'd say that's totally unfair, but nobody ever said a little good old-fashioned Twitter bribery was against "X Factor" rules, now did they?

Photo credit: @Britneyspears