Video Premiere: Kenna, 'Long Gone'

Kenna scores a tale of a Hollywood starlet being stalked in his latest video for "Long Gone."

The genre-bending singer Kenna is DEF the ambitious type. So when poised to make the video for his latest clip, "Long Gone," dude went totally Hollywood with his premise (he co-directed the clip, btw). Partly inspired by films like "Memento," the mini-movie revolves around a young, hot starlet who survives a stalker's attack and the vulture-like Hollywood phonies who want to profit off of her story. I know the same feeling: My sister is always asking me to borrow 20 bucks.

Watch Kenna's "Long Gone" video after the jump.

We start the clip watching Lola Snow, a young actress being chased through Los Angeles by a mysterious stalker. Driving in a panic, she runs out of gas and dashes off into a forest while screaming for her life (creepy!). We then flash back to Lola's glamorous lifestyle: doing red carpets, living in fabulous penthouses, the usual. Her story of surviving a stalker ends up being front page news, and yet people still want to turn a profit from her story. Before the video is over, we see a major twist that is ABSOLUTELY a pearl-clutcher (or you know, it'll just surprise you). While a video this ambitious makes it seem like Kenna is pretty comfortable in the director's chair, we're just glad he's finally putting the finishing touches on his third studio album, Songs For Flight, which is due by the end of the year.

+ Watch Kenna's "Long Gone" video.

Photo credit: Kenna