New Song: Cee Lo, 'This Christmas'

Cee Lo wants you to get in the holiday spirit, like, RIGHT NOW.

Cee Lo's been counting down the days to Christmas (68 to go!) ever since debuting the cover art for his forthcoming Christmas disc, Cee Lo's Magic Moment. Now that temps are finally dropping (THANK GOD), it's the perfect time for Cee Lo to unleash the first track off his holiday compilation! And did we mention that his holiday album will include a duet with Christina Aguilera? Everything is totally merry!

Listen to Cee Lo's "This Christmas" after the jump.

As you might expect, Cee Lo's take on "This Christmas" is about as hip as a Christmas song could ever hope to get. There's nothing cheesy, kitschy, or old-fashioned about it, but rather good ol' Cee Lo lending his IMPECCABLE R&B vocals to a holiday classic. Don't misunderstand us -- we're totally not opposed to jangly Rudolph/reindeer/sleigh sounds in Christmas songs (um, DUH, the intro to Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You") -- we're just happy to have a go-to holiday album that's, how shall we say, EFFING COOL. Good on you, Cee Lo! Way to release an album of pop songs disguised as Christmas songs. That's the greatest gift you could ever give us.

+ Listen to Cee Lo's "This Christmas."

Photo credit: Elektra Records