Get To Know Bridgit Mendler In An Exclusive Buzzworthy Live Chat!

Live chat with Bridgit Mendler on Thursday, Oct 18!

Last week we gave you the buzz on Disney pop singer/actress Bridgit Mendler, and basically we still can't get enough of the "Ready Or Not" songstress! You guys listened to her, too, so you MUST get how catchy these songs are. It's like a "Ready Or Not"/"Forgot To Laugh" mashup In. Our. Minds. At this point we feel like Bridgit is one radio hit away from blowing up every television and computer in the universe, and that's why we want to give YOU GUYS the chance to chat with Bridgit this week!

That's right -- on Thursday, Oct. 18 from 2-2:30 p.m. E.T., you can check back here on Buzzworthy where Bridgit Mendler will be hanging out with us and answering your questions via live stream. Oh, the internet!

So you wanna find out how to send your questions to Bridgit? Just tweet your questions to #AskBridgitMTV for a chance to have yours answered live on Thursday afternoon. Sound good? ::Makes a mad internet dash to Twitter:: See you guys then!

Photo credit: Disney