Star Spotting: Amber Rose Looks Retro Glam At Her Surprise Birthday Party! (PHOTO)

Amber Rose is ROCKING those polka dots like a pro!

So of course we've been a tad obsessed with Amber Rose and her growing baby bump ever since the 2012 MTV VMAs. I mean, how could we not be?? Girl looks SO HAPPY. If we were teaching the world how to love with Wiz Khalifa and growing Blue Ivy's new best friend in our bellies, we'd probs be glowing all the time, too. After debuting her bump on the VMAs red carpet, tweeting a HOT MOM picture out to the world, and taking some professional mom-and-dad-to-be photos in XXL magazine, Amber Rose recently showcased her bump in an adorbs retro getup at her (surprise!) birthday party.

Snapped in a retro chic polka-dot dress and red hair bow, Amber also looked super pregnancy-comf in a low-key pair of Converse as her family and friends greeted her with a giant cake (gahhh WANT A SLICE). The model/actress celebrated her 29th birthday a few days early (her official DOB being Oct. 21), and as far as we can tell, the only person missing was Wiz himself, who's currently on tour for a couple of months. Amber tweeted out to her followers, "The Crumbs were singin Happy BDay to Muva thx to @golden_barbie & @califawnia too ;-)" And you know what? We'd look just as insanely happy, too, if we were presented with a cake...and not just birthday cake -- like, ANY cake. Happy birthday, Amber!

Happy birthday, Amber!

Photo credit: @muvarosebud Instagram