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Jenna Andrews is on the come up! 

Meet Jenna Andrews: A Canadian born singer-songwriter, Jenna knows what it's like to stay on her grind. Determined to make a name for herself in Vancouver, British Columbia, everything changed once Jenna met and signed with manager Chris Smith...who by the way also manages Nelly Furtado. No big deal whatsoever.

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A light and airy toned vocalist with a face like, ahem, a model, it's tricky to nail down Jenna's sound -- she's a little pop, a little R&B, and a little folk-influenced. Her brand-new video "Kiss And Run" is already making waves among critics and fans (and the fact that she's sometimes not wearing pants in the video may also help a smidge). We're not the only ones impressed by Jenna -- she's already got some talented producers and songwriters in her corner. Jenna's track "I Didn't Mean It" was produced by the same dude who cowrote Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans," and her Kiss and Run EP features production by The Messengers (Justin Bieber), Doc McKinney (Drake), Adam Pallin (Cobra Starship), Jake Gosling (Lady Gaga), and Wayne Wilkins (Beyonce). So far Jenna's already opened for Nelly Furtado, and at the rate she's going, we wouldn't be surprised if the singers got together for a duet down the line. Actually, that's a great idea -- but only if I get 10 percent of the copyright. Cool?

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