Video Premiere: Never Shout Never, 'Magic'

Watch Never Shout Never's new "Magic" video.

Remember Never Shout Never? Of course you do -- just a couple of weeks ago, we tuned you in to the emo-pop outfit's latest track, "Magic," which is slated to appear on their upcoming fourth LP, Indigo. Only a few short weeks away from the album's release (the album will drop Nov. 13), Never Shout Never has kicked things up a notch with "Magic"'s video -- an energetic, jubilant clip that has the band rocking out in an otherwise unadorned house...unless you count its being adorned with MUSIC. Who needs Ikea when you have instruments? And FEELING?

Watch Never Shout Never's "Magic" video after the jump.

Opening to a night table carrying a vintage-style radio and a select few other knickknacks, the camera cuts to NSN's Christofer Drew Ingel, who is shirtless, substantially tattooed, and strumming a guitar. (Sleep is for the weak! Tattooed guitar strumming is for the strong.) Soon after, Christofer is up, at 'em, and getting dressed -- and looks mighty nice in a shirt, tie, and blazer, we might add. Once dressed, Christofer takes a seat at the piano bench to join his bandmates, who are already dressed and ready to play. Once they're through practicing, the band head over to their local performance space/pizza 'n' beer hall, and instead of picking up the song there, they...literally watch a magic show. Gosh, and here we thought Never Shout Never had dedicated their song to a lady or something, but judging by the video, they meant "just like magic" literally. Like, illusions. Hey, whatever puts you in the mood to rawk, guys!

+ Watch Never Shout Never's "Magic" video.