Star Spotting: Christina Aguilera's No Longer An Assassin, Takes Her Son To The Pumpkin Patch! (PHOTO)

Assassin no more! Christina Aguilera hits up the pumpkin patch with her son Max.

It's hard to believe that after whacking cars with baseball batscasually blowing up vehicles, and outright slaying the whole town in her "Your Body" video, Christina Aguilera can so easily snap right back into mommy mode. But thankfully Xtina has put the murderous alter ego on hold for some quality time with her son, Max. And yes, we know we're having trouble separating the "Your Body" Christina from the real Christina, but you try LOOKING AT THIS GIF wall and admitting her character wasn't real!

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In fact, it appears that the only remnant left from her "Your Body" video is Christina's multicolored hair (we knew it was a great decision to keep it!), because right now the girl is all about being a good mom. In between winning an award for fighting Global Hunger, Christina and her man, Matthew Rutler, took Max to a pumpkin patch where presumably he was allowed to pick out any pumpkin he wanted. Because fall! And Halloween! And amazing autumnal things all kids should get to do. Of course, that does imply that Christina probably has to hold a knife to carve the pumpkin, but that's OK because her "Your Body" character wasn't real. Right? Right. (That's still pretty hard for us to take.)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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