Star Spotting: Katy Perry Photobombs Her Own Photo! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry looks entranced by something at the amfAR's Inspiration Gala!

You know what? We can always count on Katy Perry for a laugh. I mean, we're STILL giggling over her geeky getup in "Last Friday Night" where she's no-shame rocking a night brace/retainer. Not to mention all that neon... Oh god, the neon.

And even though she's just as prone to looking glammed out all the time, one of the things we love the most about Katy is that she's not at ALL afraid to pull a silly face. We love a lady who doesn't take herself too seriously! After making a jokey-scared face on a haunted hayride, making a proud-to-be-a-Belieber face, and being a flawless beauty queen, now we're busy LOLing over this picture of Katy totally photobombing HER OWN PHOTO with a blank (though endearing) "WUT?" expression.

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Surrounded by director Tate Taylor and actress Octavia Spencer, Katy achieved the photobombs to end all photobombs at amfAR's Inspiration Gala at Milk Studios in L.A. Now we're just left with the question: What could Katy be staring at? Maybe the dessert tray? (I mean, that's what we would be staring at...) Maybe someone was wearing the same dress as her? (Cue fired stylist.) But Katy soon righted all wrongs by taking a GORG picture with actress Kate Hudson. Remember what we said about Katy looking glammed out all the time? Well, she just nailed it again. Photobomb or no photobomb! (But Katy, you know Kathy Beth Terry will always hold a special place in our hearts.)

Katy Perry recovers from her photobomb by looking GORG with actress Kate Hudson.

Photo credit: Getty Images