The Wanted's 'I Found You' Video Includes Cute Dogs... We Expect The Internet To Break Momentarily (PHOTOS)

The Wanted and dogs! YUP, WE'RE FREAKING OUT.

We're pretty sure the internet is about to stop working because of these stunning photos of the bros from The Wanted and AN ADORABLE DOG! Or in other words, the only thing more perfect than The Wanted alone is The Wanted with a cute dog! Well that, and maybe The Wanted alone with their shirts off but sadly that's not an option at this exact moment.

See more photos from the set of The Wanted's "I Found You" video after the jump.

In between that one time they got attacked by fans and that other time they wore the dopest T-shirts on Earth, The Wanted found a moment to shoot the video for their latest jam, "I Found You." Thankfully, each of the bros took to Twitter to post a slew of behind-the-scenes photos, including several images of the long-lost sixth member of The Wanted (who also moonlights as an adorable pooch named Boris). In fact, the boys were so obsessed with Boris the pup, that Max and Tom shared some special moments with him and then tweeted about it... as one does after they co-snuggle a doggie. Other behind-the-scenes photos include one stunning solo portrait of Boris (we told you they were obsessed) as well as some shots of Max wearing a dapper peacoat and Nathan rocking out in a suit. No clue how all of this will come together to make a story line, but does it really matter? Because The Wanted and DOGS! That will forever and always be enough.

Photo credit: @thewantedmusic/@maxthewanted/@JayTheWanted

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