New Video: Jack White, 'I'm Shakin''

 Jack White takes on...Jack White in his latest clip, "I'm Shakin'."

In Jack White's latest clip, "I'm Shakin' (the latest single from his solo album Blunderbuss), the always dapper, former White Stripe challenges the only musician who is equal to him in every category -- himself. We had to do a double take for this video because yes, there are two Jack Whites battling it out in what could only be described as a Scott Pilgrim-esque battle of the bands (well, without Michael Cera). While Mariah Carey may have faced off against herself first, Jack is settling the score with guitars and microphones instead of fists and heels.

Watch Jack White's "I'm Shakin'" video after the jump.

The video starts out normally enough with Jack White performing with his band while a stranger pop-locks in the shadows (OK, that last part is kinda weird for Jack White, but we're still on board). Next, we notice Jack squaring off against evil-twin Jack in a knock-down drag-out rock-off between the two identical bands (well, identical except for the color swap, which is black and blue, respectively). The only thing we're missing in this video is a winner! These (same) dudes worked too hard to just get a tie; It's positively un-American! But I guess if you were made to go against yourself, you would probably arrive at a stalemate, too, being that you're able to predict your every move. Whoa, getting way into our own heads here. We'll just say the winner is... Jack White.

+ Watch Jack White's "I'm Shakin'" video.

Photo credit: Third Man/Columbia