New Video: Chris Webby Featuring Kid Ink & Bun B, 'Wait A Minute'

Chris Webby asks his lady friend to "Wait A Minute" so he can earn some cash! 

Remember Chris Webby? He's the Connecticut rapper who spit verses wearing a white lab coat in his "Webster's Laboratory" video (dope!) and who just dropped some brand-new visuals for his Kid Ink and Bun B-assisted "Wait A Minute" video. Oh, you need some more time, bb? We'll wait! No problem. (TERRIBLE joke, please forgive us.)

Watch Chris Webby's "Wait A Minute" video featuring Kid Ink and Bun B after the jump.

Appearing on Webby's new mixtape, Bars On Me, we were surprised to discover that "Wait A Minute" is actually a love song in disguise as a hardcore rap jam. Along with Bun B and Kid Ink, Webby raps about wanting to make a crap ton of dough before he finally settles down with the one he loves: "It's a very big world with a lot of bad b****es/ But I ain't never met one like you/ But there's money to be made and I’m really tryin' to get it/ So baby, what I need you to do?/ Wait a minute." #Practical! Sure, maybe it's not a traditional lovey-dovey ballad, but it's kind of sweet that Webby is all, "You're the one, baby, but let's put this on pause until I'm crazy loaded and can buy you the ring you deserve!" You know what? I'd totally fall for that line in a heartbeat.

+ Watch Chris Webby's "Wait A Minute" video featuring Kid Ink and Bun B and cop a free download of Chris Webby's Bars On Me mixtape.