Ryan Beatty Performs The NYC Version Of 'Hey L.A.' In Central Park, Melts Hearts Accordingly (VIDEO)

Budding pop star Ryan Beatty stops by NYC's Central Park to put a Big Apple twist on his single "Hey L.A."

We suppose when you get a massive co-sign from Justin Bieber, you're pretty much winning at all aspects of life. And by that line of logic, Ryan Beatty is having the best year ever. Never heard of Ryan Beatty? FOR REAL? That definitely won't last long, because in a little more than a year, the 16-year-old budding pop star has racked up nearly 33 million YouTube views (hoooooooooooooly crap), released his debut EP (which went to No. 1 on the U.S. pop album charts!), and, wait for it... had his song "Every Little Thing" covered by THE BIEBS. Ryan was also nominated as a “Choice Web Star" at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, has been featured in Teen Vogue, was named by Popstar magazine as one of the top acts to look out for in 2012, and was No. 10 on Billboard's Next Big Sound chart. I'd tell you more, but WE HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN TO THE BEST PART! Oh, also, NOT EVEN LEGAL YET. We can't deal.

Watch Ryan Beatty perform "Hey L.A." in NYC's Central Park after the jump.

Being the doll that he is, Ryan visited MTV News and took a little field trip to Manhattan's front yard, aka Central Park, where Ryan busted out an acoustic rendition of his current single "Hey L.A." but gave it an NYC twist. (Get it? He changed the song because he was in New York and not L.A.!) But honestly, Ryan's acoustic track is off the chain. We know this next statement may be a smidge controversial, but seriously, BIEBER BEWARE! Competition is around the corner.

Watch Ryan Beatty perform "Hey L.A." in NYC's Central Park.