New Video: Meek Mill Featuring Big Sean, 'Burn' (NSFW)

Check out Meek Mill's new video for "Burn," featuring Big Sean.

Hip-hop mogul Meek Mill has a lot going for him these days -- between the release of his upcoming record, Dreams and Nightmares, due out Oct. 30 and giving a sick performance of "Young & Gettin' It" at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Music Awards, he's just released the, er, highly flammable new vid for "Burn," featuring G.O.O.D. Music's own Big Sean. And it doesn't hurt that he's signed to Rick Ross' label Maybach Music Group, right?! Rick Ross as a boss... it doesn't get much better than that.

Watch Meek Mill feat. Big Sean's "Burn" video after the jump.

After watching "Burn," we feel like maybe Meek Mill's got a bone to pick with SOMEBODY -- much of the clip has Meek spitting expletive-heavy rhymes in what looks like a decrepit parking garage surrounded by things like exploding cars, motorcycles, and of course, hot women. At one point, Meek describes his cousin who graduated from college, saying, "My cousin finished school/ Can’t believe he graduated/ I threw him 20 thousand dollars/ Told his a** congratulations/ Cause me, I wasn’t made for that s***." Hey... Meek Mill... we graduated too... you wanna hook a lady up? That English major ain't gonna pay for itself! Yeah, yeah, OK. Well, anyway, we don't exactly support leaving school (stay in school, guys!), but sounds like things are going juuust fine for Meek Mill, English degree or no.

+ Watch Meek Mill feat. Big Sean's "Burn" video (NSFW).