New Song: Wynter Gordon, 'Still Getting Younger' (SmarterChild Remix)

Listen to the remixed edition of Wynter Gordon's "Still Getting Younger."

We still haven't gotten over "Still Getting Younger," one of the many genius cuts (and the final single) off Miss Wynter Gordon's 2011 release, With The Music I Die.

Luckily, neither has NYC-based producer/songwriter Rick Markowitz -- otherwise known as SmarterChild (yes, named for the beloved BFF AIM bot you totally spent all night IMing in middle school and asking hard-hitting questions about your crush -- LYLAS!).

Listen to Wynter Gordon's "Still Getting Younger" (SmarterChild remix) after the jump.

Kicking off atop a chilly synthesized pulse (and an ancient IM alert sound -- nostalgia!), SmarterChild's remix of Gordon's 2012 summer single takes the song to raving new heights, EDM-style. As the chorus builds, the song's synthesizers grow arena-sized, eventually leading to a genius sample of The Jimmy Castor Bunch's "Troglodyte (Cave Man)": "What we're gonna do right here is go back!" a male voice announces before the track launches into a pulverizing beat breakdown.

Frigid beats with a slice of Wynter on top? Hot as ice.

+ Listen to Wynter Gordon's "Still Getting Younger" (SmarterChild Remix).

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