New Song: Kelly Clarkson, 'Catch My Breath'

Kelly Clarkson's new song, "Catch My Breath," will be included on "Greatest Hits - Chapter 1."

Mazel Tov, Kelly Clarkson! You're so successful and famous (and pretty!) that you have actually accrued enough Billboard smashes to release a greatest hits album. And by the way, you're only 30. It's ridiculous. And to bring our joy full circle, you've even got a brand-new song out! PRAISE!

Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "Catch My Breath" after the jump.

Cowritten by Kelly, "Catch My Breath" will appear on her forthcoming disc, Greatest Hits -- Chapter 1, dropping Nov. 19. As you might expect, "Catch My Breath" is a sunny, synth-laden pop jam jam that showcases Kelly's unreal set of pipes and speaks to the difficulties that come with staying in the record industry: "Catch my breath/ No one can hold me back, I ain't got time for that/ Catch my breath, won't let them get me down/ It's all so simple now."

In a note posted on Kelly's website, she elaborated, "This song represents who I've been, what I've felt, and where I'm headed as not only an artist but as a 30-year-old that is now smart enough to know that it's time to stop, catch my breath, and be proud of not only what has been accomplished but of all the people that have helped me become the woman I am today." And what a woman you've become, Kel! It's been about a decade now since you were crowned the first "American Idol," and you truly set the bar high for those who followed. (Yes, we're getting a little emo -- leave us alone.) Now, if only you'd take our advice and release an album of covers and include THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS on the track list. Thanks a bunch!

+ Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "Catch My Breath."