New Video: Matt & Kim, 'Let's Go'

Matt and Kim take their group portrait a little TOO seriously in "Let Go."

You know school picture day? That dreaded day when everyone arrives to class wearing mom-bought knee socks, skirts, and (for dudes) suspenders? Or some kind of loafer? (The dreaded loafer...) Perhaps the only thing worse than school picture day is its not-so-distant cousin, the "Family Portrait," otherwise known as that day when your parents drag you to the mall, dress you up in some other kind of loafer-accompanied getup, and ask you to look happy for JUST ONE MINUTE while they pose awkwardly behind you. And this "Family Portrait" will live in your living room till the end of time. Probably next to the piano, or maybe even next to the one from last year.

Indie-pop duo Matt & Kim seem pretty familiar with this brand of mall-induced misery (or at the very least, good old fashioned Brooklyn-bred irony), because they've just put Awkward Family Photos to shame with their brand-new video for "Let's Go," a track from their recently released album Lightning. Suffice it to say, the memories of our Picture Day multicolored turtlenecks and stirrup pants are creeping back as we watch...and NO, a Cinnabon will NOT make them go away.

Watch Matt and Kim's "Let's Go" video after the jump.

Filmed as a series of group portrait montages, "Let's Go" has Matt and Kim in a variety of too-awkward-for-words poses. The video opens with the duo in a matching sweater set (of course!) while Kim fiddles with her hands and Matt squeezes her arm in that weird-uncle-you-avoid-at-Thanksgiving kind of way. Directed by a mustachioed photographer (the video's actual director Dugan O'Neal), the video transitions to a series of equally awkward families as they pose in '80s-style jumpsuits, Fresh Prince-inspired haircuts, and in some cases, totally nude. (Matt and Kim are OBVS in that picture, 'cause you know they're no strangers to bein' in the buff.) Oh, and the song rocks too -- just in case we weren't clear on that. In fact, we're suddenly feeling kind of proud of those laser beam-background school pictures...we love it when rock stars validate our adolescent awkwardness!

+ Watch Matt and Kim's "Let's Go" video.

Photo credit: Fader