Star Spotting: Fergie Looks Crazy Fierce At The Airport (PHOTO)

Fergie does not forsake fierceness for a flight.

It's been a minute since we've heard anything from Fergie (P.S. we're really sad about that -- come back!), but what better way to say "I've still got it, y'all" than by rocking a ridiculously fierce, head-to-toe red ensemble at LAX airport? It's not to say that airports aren't worthy of having a fashion moment -- in fact, a bunch of our favorite celebs had theirs this year, like Lady Gaga in a frontless shirt, Rihanna's "hand-rolled" shirt, and perhaps most crucially, Justin Bieber's 2pac/Karate Kid/Bruce Springsteen homage -- it's just that leather on a presumably long airplane ride?? That takes some serious chutzpah.

And yes, like you, we're positive that Fergie is flying first class, which will afford her at least 6 inches of additional legroom. But let's be real here -- everyone knows your body, well, bloats expands on a flight, and sitting in leather pants might not be the most comfortable option after about 6 minutes. Not to mention the overheating issues! Truth be told, if we were as famous as Fergie, we might just NGAF and rock a full-on spandex onesie for maximum comfort. Or arrive prewrapped in a Snuggie. It's like, Fergie already worked her tail off for fame! Can't the girl just relax in some comfortable stretch-wear? Either way, props to Fergie for keeping it chic and risking a potentially uncomfortable plane ride all in the name of fashion.

Photo credit: Splash News