Watch MGK Make Grilled Cheese Using An Iron On 'Afterschool Snack' (VIDEO)

MGK makes grilled cheese using an iron. Because f*** your stove.

You know what they say: When life gives you lemons, make a grilled cheese using a hotel iron. Well, proverbially speaking. Because you're gonna learn how to make ironed grilled cheese, aka "the Iron Man," because that's how MGK does things in our second installment of "Afterschool Snack," where your favorite musicians show you how to make their favorite snack.

Watch MGK's "Afterschool Snack" and learn how to make "The Iron Man" grilled cheese after the jump.

I could go on and on about how this next-level cooking-show video is actually a metaphor for MGK's rags-to-riches, never-give-up DIY aesthetic as it relates to his own rise to fame: the "wild boy" who's dropped autobiographical, hard-knocks lines like "Who remembers my broke ass when I had no food for my stomach" on "Hold On" and reverse-boasted " I've been hopeless, I've been broke, done every drug cept' for coke" on fan-fave "Been Through It All" just dropped his star-studded debut album, Lace Up, and now reports directly to Diddy. OK, sure. If you really wanna get deep with it, it's all kind of a tidy parallel... But really, this is about watching the beautiful kinetic insanity that is MGK, in full-on Jim Carrey superhero cartoon mode, dripping hot melted butter down his arm while dropping references to Emeril Lagasse.

You don't need much to follow along at home -- just a simple selection of breads, some butter, a functioning iron, Kool-Aid, and enough sugar to give you type 2 diabetes. And just be glad he didn't whip up some of his favorite Papa Dick Chicken. Cheers!

+ Watch MGK's "Afterschool Snack," and cop that Lace Up debut album.

Photo credit: MTV

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